The Archival Project

Politics, Women and Security

Prajnya Archives is an initiative of the The Prajnya Resource Centre on Women In Politics And Policy. The Centre has as its goal the creation of a comprehensive, continually updated, publicly accessible resource centre on the participation of women in the politics and policy structures of South Asia.

Prajnya Archives is an extension of this resource, with a shift of emphasis to visual records and a broader aim of documenting the role of women in the public realm in general.

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User-generated content

It is increasingly commonplace for museums to talk about UGC, or user-generated content. This means throwing open the doors of traditional knowledge institutions to the interested public. It means democratising the content of institutionalized knowledge. It means getting you, the public, to help build repositories such as museums and archives.

Our heritage is more than our architectural landscape. Our heritage is also the everyday stories of women and the numerous ways in which they build and act in human society.

Prajnya Archives is calling on each of us in South Asia to help build this archival resource so that many, many more histories of our women can be written.

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