As contributor:

Prajnya Archives relies on user-generated content. If you share our desire to recover an important aspect of our history – the story of women in public life – we invite you to contribute digital copies of your photographs to our archives.

a. The photographs must be of women in the public realm in the countries of South Asia. They can be old and contemporary images.

b. The photographs must be of good quality jpeg or gif formats. These formats are easy to email and post to the web.

c. We will not accept news agency/press photographs unless the contributor is the original photographer and holds the copyright for the image/images.

d. Where possible, the contributor must have the permission of the subject to share the image with us.

e. Please provide the name of the subject/s & the year (even if approximate) and place the photos were taken. Additional information can be uploaded in document form along with the photos you send us. The digital display of the photos will state the general subject, year and place but place the name/s of the subject/s in the ‘description’ field( it will also be recorded in our offline catalogue).

e. Mail your photos to us with your acceptance of the terms and conditions that spell out your rights as a contributor and Prajnya Archives’ rights as the repository.

As user:

Prajnya Archives is an educational resource and it is our wish that materials we archive are used for research and educational purposes.

If you are interested in using any of the visuals for research publications, you are welcome to contact the curators.

They will inform you of copyright and permission matters in this regard.


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