The Freedom Generation: A New Call for Photos!

The Prajnya Archives
A Call for Photos


Countless women participated in the Indian freedom movement.
They were in non-violent satyagrahas.
They practised non-cooperation and civil disobedience.
They lent their strength to the social movements of the day.
They spun khadi, learnt Hindi and flooded the jails.
They learnt to carry guns and they ran underground presses.
But what do we know about them? About each individual woman?

This Independence Day, Prajnya asks:
Where are the women who formed the Freedom Generation?

Is one of these nameless, faceless, countless women a member of your family?
Are someone’s memories of August 15th 1947 a part of your life?

Ask them and tell us:

  • Where they were on that date;
  • What they were doing;
  • Whether it was significant for them and how;
  • Whether it was a difficult time.

Ask them how they remember the date.

Send us their photos with their stories
at [email protected]  by September 15th, 2016.


  • The photo you send in should not be a recent one, though it need not have been taken in 1947.
  • Your photo should be of high quality (at least 300 dpi).
  • Please ensure each entry has the following:
    • Your name and email id
    • A photo of the person whose memory you are submitting, and
    • Their name, year of birth, and the memory they want to share

Submission of the photos means you consent to the following:

  • Placement in the Prajnya Archives for research and educational use.
  • Permission to use in this and other exhibitions (with attribution).
  • Permission to use in any other format (publication,etc) (with attribution).


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