G.K. Revathi, B.Com, SIET College, Chennai, 1976

G.K. Revathi (on the right); photo taken in 1976 at Krishna Photo Studio, Pondy Bazaar, Chennai

“Guntur Krishnamurthy Revathi was the first female graduate of her family. While she studied Biology in school when it came to college she chose Commerce as she thought it would help her secure a job. Even before she completed her B.Com examinations, she found a successful job with the State Government of Tamil Nadu after writing the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission examination. She worked with the Groundwater department of TN for over 20 years before taking voluntary retirement a few years ago. She contributed to the family financially as well as emotionally and for that we all look up to her. As her daughter, I found immense inspiration in her. It was she who instilled in me the discipline to wake up and look forward to going to work every morning. It was she who inspired me to consider how important it is for women to gain financial independence and have assets and money of their own.”

Contributor: Lakshmi Krupa (daughter)

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