Healthcare Heroes: A New Call for Photo-Narratives

As the world copes with the COVID-19 pandemic and watches with awe as the health-care community goes about its work, we at the Prajnya Archives invite you to celebrate the doctors, nurses and other caregivers and healers you know.

Email your photos-with-narratives to [email protected] for inclusion in this special collection. Write “Healthcare Heroes” in the subject line.

Submission criteria:

  • We welcome photos of women healthcare workers, at work in clinics, hospitals or with patients. Send us their stories too, with links to their writing if possible.
    • The submission must include: the subject of the image, place, date, context, approximate date when the photo was taken. 
    • Some optional details: A relevant story about the subject, for instance. 
  • You may submit both historical and new images which you own. That is, you can scan old photos or you can take new photographs to submit.
    • The person making the submission needs to have the right to submit the photo. Submission is confirmation of this right as far as we are concerned.
    • Please note: It is vital that the subject of your photo has given the photographer implicit or explicit permission to take the photo/ use the photograph for this purpose. 
  • The images must be of high quality (at least 300 dpi). 
    • Cell phone images will be accepted provided the image is clear even in an enlarged view.
  • Images from all over Southasia are welcome – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka–as well as from the Southasian diaspora.
  • Please note: To be complete entries must include contributor’s name, age, address/contact info, and narrative with essential details.

 Submission of the photos means you consent to our use of the photos with attribution: 

  • Putting in archive for research use
  • Permission to use in exhibition
  • Permission to use in any other format (publication, etc.)

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