Meenakshi Ramesh, citizen next door

Seven years in a full time role, and seven more as volunteer, as India’s largest NGO – Pratham – which is committed to helping every child in India attend school and learn well. I have worked with teams on helping them budget and plan their cash flows, report in donor-designated formats and in the training of new teachers.

Since 2015, I have become involved in many civic initiatives in the city of Chennai. I volunteer with Chennai City Connect Foundation, in the areas of citizen education and empowerment, and solid waste management including segregation and composting.

in December 2015, I joined the Board of Oorvani Foundation, with the express mission of launching Citizen Matters Chennai – independent, deep diving research and news of city public affairs, community and culture. We hope to emulate the success of Citizen Matters Bengaluru, in building a vibrant community of contributors who care for the city of Chennai, and are willing to raise their voices and pens to help improve the quality of life here
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