Our ‘Rainmakers’ winners!

The Rainmakers exhibit had 2 winners!

Based on jury comments and visitors’ observations, we gave two first prizes. One prize, a photo printer, went to Prasant Mohanty of Madhya Pradesh for his photo: ‘Surviving. being resourceful.’  The other first prize, a gift certificate, was awarded to Sakshi Kumar for ‘University Graduate, New Delhi.’

Surviving. Being resourceful (Prasant Mohanty)

University graduate, New Delhi (Sakshi Kumar)

Congratulations, Prasant and Sakshi!

The event would not have been possible without the generosity of our sponsors. We are very grateful to Cognizant Technology Solutions who offered a donation to support both the Rainmakers exhibition and the cost of maintaining a small travel exhibition and making it available locally. Prajnya would also like to thank Active Tiny Laptop for their sponsorship of the prize! And finally, our thanks to Rajesh Advani for filming the event!

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