Priyadarshini Marimuthu, B. Com., Annamalai University, 1995

“I am Priyadarshni. My college is Jayaraj Annapackim Womens college at Periyakulam. I completed a B.Com degree in 1995. My dad completed 5th std and my mom 10th. My elder brother missed the chance to wear the coat and hat.But I was the only girl child in my family and I wore the graduation coat and hat. My dad was so glad to see the view of getting graduated. He was very proud of saying that my daughter was the one and only person getting graduated. During my college days,  I struggled a lot. As my friend step out of her home, being a friend of her, I never knew her problem but the heads mistook me as i am taking a part of it and suspended me for a week. Though I never did any mistake, I suffered with my punishment. And I used those suspended days as my study days. I launched my whole-hearted hardwork on those days with grit and determination and with god’s fear and prayer. I was very happy by seeing the result. Now I am working as a teacher in a private school!”

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