The First Graduate Exhibit opens today: one photo and story at a time

We are excited to announce that today we begin publishing the submissions we have received for the exhibit, one photo and story at a time!  We are choosing to exhibit in this fashion so that each photo and story gets the attention it deserves. Every exhibit will not only be displayed on our website, but circulated through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, each day.

Over the last two weeks we have pored over the narratives that we have received and the visuals they have carried. Every story is written by our contributors in a manner that requires no mediation. Every story is pervaded with a feeling of accomplishment, pride, gratitude and (often) barely suppressed excitement that the story is finally being shared with so many.

We would like to say to our contributors that we feel extremely privileged that you have chosen to share your personal photographs and memories with us and others. Your photographs, and the narratives of struggle, hard work and accomplishment that accompany them, will undoubtedly serve as vital primary sources for the writing of the history of women in the region of South Asia,

many thanks,

Curators, Prajnya Archives

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