We Make It happen: Srikala Ganapathy on running ‘Vedika 2 Empower’

“In 2010, as a Teacher and a Research scholar , I had a burning desire within me to reach beyond my family and reach community . I just brainstormed this idea with my two friends, Deepa and Lalitha. My friends expressed same passion and support and joined my hands in this journey.

The discussions gave birth to a group named Vedika 2 empower in April 2010 in Chennai. Why name Vedika ? Vedika translates to ‘platform’ in Sanskrit, to indicate that it is a platform to empower ourselves and others through service. It was about bringing small changes in small ways through small actions. It was all about bringing meaningful connections, possibilities and converting ideas into experience.

The whole idea was to introduce interesting opportunities for young people for healthy common interactions in society by sharing their time and talents for good.

We had children who volunteered their time for a good cause . They were our young helping stars . J. Koushik, Sivakami , Amrit Raj, Arun Kumar from Sivaswami Kalalaya School , Niveditha and Vaishnavi from Grove School gave their time for various workshops.

We had a visit to an old age home and science and art workshops for less privileged children.

Drops in the ocean : I am sharing photos of one service workshop ā€œ Visit to old age home ā€œ organised by our group. The children reflected on and expressed their experiences in writing.

Life becomes beautiful and meaningful when young people show up and bring about small positive changes . I feel proud , blessed and humbled to be an instrument in this positive drive.”

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