Kamala Ramanujam, BA, Government College, Kumbakonam, 1946

“Our great grandmother, Kamala Ramanujam was the first graduate from our family.  She did her B.A Graduation from all men Government college at Kumbakonam (It was considered as Cambridge of South India).  A special permission was obtained to study in a college for men.  There was one more woman who studied with her. She graduated in the year 1946.  Some of the interesting anecdotes were women would come out of their houses to see her walk to the college.  Being only woman, even today many of her friends would recollect her.  Initially she would go by boat to cross the river Cauvery.  Later a bridge was built.   Indira Parthasarathy, M.S. Swaminathan were some of her contemporaries at Kumbakonam college. ”

Contributors: Slokha, Dhruva, Rishi and Veda.

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