Kaveri J., graduate, APC Mahalakshmi College for Women, Tuticorin, 1979-80

“Kaveri J graduated from A.P.C Mahalakshmi College for Women, Tuticorin (Madurai Kamaraj University), with a B.Sc in Mathematics in 1979-80.

When she was in School, Kaveri’s parents had no plans of getting her educated further. Around this time, the A.P.C Mahalakshmi College for Women was started, and to get more enrollment in the area, the college authorities used to canvas from house to house about the courses they had. They also offered free education to the first few women to enroll. That was a major factor for Kaveri’s parents to allow her to enroll for the PUC course, and eventually, BSc Mathematics from the same college.”


Contributor: Jagat Chitra

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