Leela Pingle, graduate, Karve Vidyapeeth, Pune, 1935

“The name of my mother before marriage when she passed her graduation in 1935, was Leela Pingle, Residence: Sangamner, Maharashtra. Her degree was called GA, i.e. Graduate in Arts, from Karve Vidyapeeth for Women in Pune. The photo was taken around the same time.

After the degree she worked for two years as a teacher in a local school. She had chosen to be a volunteer at the annual Congress party session at Phaizpur in Maharashtra. Her brothers were involved in the freedom movement which inspired her to be a volunteer.
She was the first woman to come forward to pull the chariot of the local deity when the collector had banned the assembly of the people in Sangamner.
She was employed as a teacher throughout her life. She took care of my disabled aunt for forty years.”
Contributor’s name: Prof. Dr. Chhaya Datar

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