P.R. Saraswathi, B.Com, Delhi University, 1973

“A few words on my mother:

My mother completed her Diploma in Commercial Practice at Adyar Polytechnic Chennai and went on to complete her Bachelor of Commerce from Delhi University by correspondence in 1973.

All through her lifetime till day, she has perfectly managed to balance her relationship and career in the best way possible. During her graduation days, she used to help her brother’s sons with their studies and help her mother with household chores in addition to performing well in her studies. Even today, all her brother’s son say that it was my mother and her sisters who were pivotal in whatever success they have achieved today.

She joined Chennai Secretariat, immediately after completing her  Diploma in Commercial Practice, to support her family financially. Supporting her family financially, simultaneously she went on to complete B.Com by correspondence from Delhi University. In her 33 years of service at Chennai Secretariat, she has worked across multiple departments and administrations and is known to be one of the most reliable and efficient woman among her colleagus and superiors.

Post her marriage, she has supported her husband financially and emotionally to help us live as a joint family till date, inspite of all the hardships which came her way. In making this successful, she has made a lot of sacrifices just to see our family as one happy unit. She used to leave for office at 830 in the morning and by this time she makes sure that breakfast and lunch is prepared for everyone in our family. In the same way, she comes from office in the evening at around 730 and prepares dinner for everyone in our family. All through the 33 years of service at Chennai Secretariat, she gets up at 5 early in the morning and goes to bed at 11in the night just to make sure all the above possible. She has got so used to this practice that even during her retirement days she has made it a habit to get up at 5 in the morning.

I have heard a lot of people come and say to me “I have never seen such a bold lady as your mother at the age of 64″.  True indeed, we, as a family has never seen her being put down by any tough situation in life. She has always been a pillar of strength to our family under adverse circumstances and it was her bravery and intelligence that helped our family get through a lot of difficult scenarios we have faced in the past.

Our family is really blessed to have her and we always love her so much and pray God that she remains with us always. Proud to be her son!!!!!”

Contributor: K. Hariharan

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  1. Nice message Hari. I do feel proud to be a person brought under her care… So simple and affectionate till date hasn’t let anybody down under various circumstances and struck by family values along with my uncle..(sorry to have missed him) – with love Vaithi

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