Sandhya Swamy (IPS), citizen next door

A young and dynamic IPS Officer, freshly inducted into the Indian Police Service, Sandhya has shone through her tireless endeavours directed towards getting into the bureaucracy to serve the society. During her struggling years, she not only set exemplary standards of hard work and enrichment of self but also showed empathy and compassion for the weak, making sure to do her own to make life better for someone who most needed it. Be it a teary-eyed Sandhya putting newly bought woolen socks on the cold feet of a scantily clad weary old man sitting on the roadside selling plastic folders in Delhi’s chilling weather or a fiercely determined young woman barging her way through the crowd, protesting against wrong doing; Sandhya has always shown a passion to stand her ground and fight for what is right while serving those around her. It is qualities like these that make her a promising bureaucrat and an asset to the society. She deserves to be recognized and remembered.

Submitted by Divya Rai

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