Pushpa, citizen next door

Pushpa is a widow, aged about 35, engaged in vegetable trade with a self-help group loan, in Natham village, Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu

When Pushpa lost her husband unexpectedly in an accident, she approached the Raja Rajeswari women self-help group in Natham village through IFDE field coordinator, D. Jayalakshmi for advice and help. Out of the bank loan of Rs.300,000 to the SHG, she was given a loan of Rs.20,000. With a view to doing vegetable trade, she first purchased a push cart and moves around, especially, the bus terminus. She purchases vegetables daily from the whole sale market spending Rs.500/- and makes a profit of around Rs.200. She sent her two daughters to school. Her eldest daughter, Ezlilarasi completed her schooling and got married and the second daughter Mahalakshmi is working in an export garment factory. She is repaying monthly Rs.2000 against the loan. Thus the family has escaped acute poverty.

Contributor: Anitha Mahendiran

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