Women of Words: New Call for Photo-Narratives

The Prajnya Archives

invite you to

a visual celebration of the ideas, creativity and voices of women


August 1-October 15, 2019

Are there women in your family or your circle of friends to whom writing comes naturally and who express themselves most freely through the written word? 

Send us photos with stories about them, whether they write stories, essays, poems, articles, blogposts or letters. In a world which renders them invisible, join us to visually document and celebrate the ideas, creativity and voices of women. 

Email your photos-with-narratives to [email protected] by October 15 2019 for inclusion in this special collection. 

For submission criteria and incentives, visit http://prajnyaarchives.org/wow.


  • 30 of the best photo+narrative will be shown in an exhibit (location to be disclosed later). The photo+narratives will be chosen on the basis of the quality of the image and the substantiveness of the accompanying description.
  • All photos (of reasonable image quality) will be placed in Prajnya Archives (www.prajnyaarchives.org)

Submission criteria:

  • We welcome photos of women writing or with work they have published. Send us their stories too, with links to their writing if possible.
    • The submission must include: the subject of the image, place, date, context, approximate date when the photo was taken. 
    • Some optional details: A relevant story about the subject, for instance. 
  • You may submit both historical and new images which you own. That is, you can scan old photos or you can take new photographs to submit.
    • The person making the submission needs to have the right to submit the photo. Submission is confirmation of this right as far as we are concerned.
    • Please note: It is vital that the subject of your photo has given the photographer implicit or explicit permission to take the photo/ use the photograph for this purpose. 
  • The images must be of high quality (at least 300 dpi). 
    • Cell phone images will be accepted provided the image is clear even in an enlarged view.
  • Images from all over Southasia are welcome – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka–as well as from the Southasian diaspora.
  • Please note: To be complete entries must include contributor’s name, age, address/contact info, and narrative with essential details.

 Submission of the photos means you consent to our use of the photos with attribution: 

  • Putting in archive for research use
  • Permission to use in exhibition
  • Permission to use in any other format (publication, etc.)

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